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16 May 2013
by rzucchelli

Competitor Analysis

When we realized the analysis of our competitors, we found a wide range of sites that also deal with creative and innovative. Two sites are more representative of our direct competitor : and


The first one is a blog showing everyday some creative concepts and ideas of communication.

The site is well connected by social networks. Indeed the entire contents can be found everyday on the various used tools : Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus and Instagram. Every content link back to the website which is a good way to add numerous viewers of the site because the content published is considered as fresh content by the search engines.



The second one is the french site lesnumériques. This site aim is to inform consumers of the technological innovations. This site is very active on the two social media facebook and twitter. Their articles are linked to their social media accounts to improve the number of fans and encourage people to talk about the web site.

Moreover the site is also linked to the social network linkedin, which is not current but helps to develop the reputation of the site for professionals.

More than articles the site also offers tests, folders to download (about a product for example) and a forum to make people react and interact each other.

16 May 2013
by rzucchelli

Strategy of the agency

Our friends’ community

We mainly speak to the digital natives, also known as “Generation Y”. Our audience is young (25-35 years) and has grown in an « always on » environment. This generation is connected to the web and its social networks. They are informed and over educated. In fact, due to the digital revolution the knowledge has been more and more democratized and accessible.
As everybody but in a different way

‘‘we inhale the world and breathe out meaning ” said Salman Rushdie (British novelist and essayist). We communicate a cutting edge content based on the idea of maintaining creative and artistic projects. Finding out the new changes and (r)evolution of our century through the glasses of innovation. Providing a new alternative to mass media with our online platform and engaging content will be a way to federate people through our communication and coverage of all the news and trends.
Faithful to its baseline, « make beauty happen » the Archipelago agency maintains a high standard of integrity in its advertisement and campaigns.

How do we speak?

We will share our content and promote our agency actions by the digital way. We would like to create a « special Friday »; each Friday, we will make a showcase of our missions and projects of the week, a reflection of our desires and a snapshot of the agency’s everyday life.

We will present outlines of our works, viral videos with teasing process. Finally we will feed the site with our inspirations, a music playlist and our cultural favorites.

The AA Team

14 September 2012
by Mattias

Do innovations mean better communication ?

For the last decade we are living a digital (r)evolution. The documentary by PressPlayPause explains the stakes of a democratized culture. Indeed innovations brought us new technology tools. Nowadays everyone is able to create and to express himself. You can get a camera on the cheap. Then doing a work of art and spread it on the world biggest art gallery: the web. There are many means of production and distribution. For example it is feasible to exhibit your creations on thousands of plateforms as social medias.
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13 September 2012
by rzucchelli

Facebook, for or against ?

For a few years, the communication rhymes with innovation. Our Y generation lives every time with an innovate communication; I’m  talking about social media, new technologies or just mobile phones.  This is incredible because thanks to these novelties , we can talk with people everywhere in the world, however, unfortunately, we forget people who are around us. Relationships have changed, our best friends becomes the screens of  our computer and phone. We don’t have any direct discussions, only exchanges by comments or text messages.

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12 September 2012
by clemencecoussot

Social networks are important communication tools

Today, more than one of two businesses uses social networks. Social networks are part of the internal and external communication of the company. They are mainly used to find new customers or retain them in order to create a community around the company. Also, social networks allow companies to react on events but also give news of companies. It is a good way to interact with customers more easily and quickly. Social networks are a genuine innovation for businesses. Continue Reading →